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Publications [5]

Dreams to Reality, Navi Mumbai Corporation
Madhya Pradesh Education Portal
IT @ School, Kerala
Karnataka Jnana Aayoga (Karnataka Knowledge Commission)
Balabadi: The School for Kids, Vizianagaram Dist, Andhra Pradesh

Replication Efforts [6]

28th of January, 2015: Replication of OLABS in Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools CIPS has organized a Video Conference on OLABS (Online Labs) at 10.30 am to 12:30 pm on, 28th of January, 2015. The presentation was made by Dr. M. Sasikumar, Associate Director, C-DAC Mumbai, supported by his colleague Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh, Technical Officer C-DAC Mumbai. Education Officers and Teachers from 27 NIC locations and 16 states had participated in the VC. More than 1000 teachers participated in the programme through Webinar. Two teachers from each Kendriya Vidhyalaya school participated in the programme to explore the possibility of using OLABS in the classrooms. OLABS is being used by the teachers who participated in the programme.
  1. Presentation on OLABS
  2. Youtube Link for Video Conference on OLABS
  3. Youtube Link for Half Day Programme on OLABS
CIPS in association with Gopabandhu Academy of Administration, Odisha has been conducting a series of workshops. In this series a second workshop, i.e., Innovative Practices on education was held from 4th Sept to 5th Sept, 2014 and it was well-received by the participants.Department of School and Mass Education, Odisha is keen to take up the following innovative practices for replication.
  1. Science Education – Learning by Doing of Agastya Foundation
  2. E Pass – Online scholarship Management portal of Andhra Pradesh
  3. IT@School model of Kerala – ICT at School scheme.
  4. National Skills Quality Framework – of introducing vocational education in Schools by Haryana.
  5. Madhya Pradesh Education Portal
Field Visit to Study IT@School and Kerala land Bank by A Team from Visakhapatnam The Centre for Innovations in Public Systems Hyderabad facilitated the visit of the District Informatics Officer, NIC, Visakhapatnam and Special Deputy Collector, KRRC, Visakhapatnam to study IT@ School, Kerala and Kerala Land Bank projects at Thiruvananthapuram on 4th and 5 th July 2013.Under IT@School, the team visited Government Higher Secondary School, Cotton Hill Thiruvanantapuram, Kerala on 04-07-2013. It is a Girls High School having about 5000 girl students and about 200 Lady Teachers. The team studied the usage of “Smart classes” for teaching where the Smart Classrooms are classrooms equipped with Speaker and Projector for using digital contents for better teaching and learning. The school has smart classroom facility for 17 X standard classes and 5 Smart classes for VIII and IX standard classes.The team suggested that one key component for successful implementation of ICT is due to the integration of Hardware, Animation, Networking, Graphics, Programming, Video – Audio Editing, Office Packages in the text book. Apart from the separate IT text book, the revised subject books with additional contents on related application software ensure the qualitative results.The team also visited Kerala Land Bank office to understand the usage of free and open source software for inventorising public lands and interacted with the officials.
Field Visit by Officials from Chattisgarh to Study IT@School. A two membered team from Chattisgarh visited Kerala from 12 Aug 2013 to 14 Aug 2013 to study the IT@School for possible replication in Chhattisgarh. The team visited IT@School State Project Office, District Project Office, 2 Rural Government Schools – GHSS Karipoor & GHSS Avanavancherry and 1 private school at Trivandrum. The team was also exposed to Smart classroom concept, 11 hr Victers Educational Channel and various educational applications using free and open source software (Edu-ubuntu). The team interacted with the students, teachers, school student IT Coordinators, Master Trainers, Master Trainer coordinators, District Coordinators and various other stake holders of this initiative. The team also spent considerable time with Shri. A Shajahan IAS, Directorate of Public Instructions, Kerala and Mr. Shibu, Executive DirectorIT@School.
As a result of showcasing IT@School in State Innovators Consultation held in Ranchi, Jharkhand on September 2014, the state has submitted a proposal seeking financial assistance to replicate IT@School in Jharkhand.
CIPS has showcased the efforts of KSQAAC in a number of workshops. A Video Conference was conducted in 22 Jan 2014 and a communication was sent to all the states to consider the practice for replication. Requests for more details from states such as Odisha, Haryana and Maharashtra are presently being handled.
  1. Presentation on KSQAAC

Innovative Practices [150]