Centre for Innovations in Public Systems(CIPS) comprises of the following team:


A) Members of Senior Management – CIPS

1. Director (I/C) Mr. C. Achalender Reddy, IFS View Profile
2. Advisor Mr. Vadrevu Ch. Veerabhadrudu View Profile


B) Manager

3. Manager
(Finance and Admin)
Mr. C. Muralidhar


C) Project Officers

4. Project Officer Mr. Avik Chakraborty
5. Project Officer Ms. P. Swathi
6. Project Officer Dr. Sarveswar Sipoy


D) Consultant

7. Consultant (Finance and Admin) Mr. C. Mahendra Kumar


E) Personal Secretary to the Director

8. Personal Secretary to the Director Mrs. K. Manju Vani


F) Project Research Associates

9. Project Research Associate Mrs. Sanga Sindhoor Yadav
10. Project Research Associate Mr. Ashish N Choragudi
11. Project Research Associate Mr. Mohammed Ahmed
12. Project Research Associate Mrs. P. Sri Vidya
13. Project Research Associate (Finance & Administration) Mr. M. Anand kumar


G) Project Assistant

14. Project Assistant Mr. Thota Manish
15. Project Assistant Mr. Ramana Reddy. J
16. Project Assistant Mr. Madabushi. V. Vasudev
17. Project Assistant Ms. K. Nagajyothi


H) Junior Project Assistant

18. Junior Project Assistant Ms. S. Manojna

I) Intern

19. Intern Ms. Vanisha Pasupuleti

J) Office Aides

20. Office Aide Mr. Ravi Babu Jella
21. Office Aide Mr. G. Ramesh Kumar