Profile of Dr. N. Upender Reddy

Profile of Dr. N. Upender Reddy

(Advisor – CIPS)

Dr N Upender Reddy is at present Advisor at CIPS is a Post Graduate in Chemistry and Education and also holds Ph.D. in Education. He was Former Professor and Head for the Department of Curriculum Text Books and Assessment of Combined Andhra Pradesh and as well as Telangana state after state bifurcation. He held important academic positions such as State Pedagogy Coordinator for the state of combined Andhra Pradesh and coordinated various activities of school education and teacher education. Prior to it, he was principal to the District Institute of Education and Training, Hyderabad District. He was one of the Faculty members in the Department of Science and Mathematics and also Curriculum and Text Books at SCERT, AP Hyderabad.
Knowledge Partners/ Advisors

He had worked in various Basic Education Projects in the state of Andhra Pradesh such as Andhra Pradesh Primary Education Project(APPEP) as Research and Evaluation Coordinator, in District Primary Education Programme(DPEP) as planning and evaluation coordinator and under Sarva Sikshya Abhiyan(SSA) as state Pedagogy Coordinator and instrumental in planning and conducting various in-service training programmes to the District Educational Officers, Deputy Educational Officers, Mandal Educational Officers, Teacher Educators of District Institutes of Education and Training(DIET), Head Masters and Teachers.

Following are some of the flagship programmes planned and coordinated in the implementation:

  1. State Coordinator D.Ed. Distance Education Programme.
  2. Conducted baseline studies on elementary education for seven districts.
  3. Conducted several studies on curriculum implementation.
  4. Coordinator for the development of State Curriculum Framework and Position Papers, Andhra Pradesh.
  5. Coordinator for the revision of curriculum and textbooks from class I to X in the combined Andhra Pradesh.
  6. Designed in-service training programmes both at elementary and secondary level teachers from 2005 onwards on curriculum implementation, classroom processes, assessment procedures etc.
  7. Textbook writer and editor for schools and B.Ed. colleges.
  8. Program for Child Labour – Street children, platform children etc. – Residential bridge courses conducted at DIET Hyderabad in collaboration with MV foundation Hyderabad.
  9. Development of Children Literature – For Elementary and Secondary Schools. Identification of writers in children literature in the State and conducted workshops in at DIETs in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh and developed district specific children literature representing local culture, folklore, local stories, Artisans work, local readers, festivals, academic practices, social intuitions etc. about 3000 books on children literature have been developed under each DIET printed, supplied to schools through SSA program.
  10. The children literature broadly categorized into 3 categories i.e. (1) Big books and story cards (2) Story primers (Katha Vachaka) (3) Story books and basic information literature in different disciplines.
  11. The Entire work of coordinated and took appropriate action in establishing classroom libraries and introduced one specific library period on a daily basis in school time table to read and share the books. And orientation was conducted to school teachers on the utilization of children literature and follow up of library readings.
  12. Mother tongue-based multilingual education (MT-based MLE) – The program was undertaken in 8 tribal languages through developmental textbooks for tribal children in their mother tongue representing their culture, environment and economic practices. The program is being implemented from class 1 to 5 and bridged into the regional language at class VI. Appropriate children literature have been developed in 8 tribal languages through collecting local stories, folklore, festivals etc. (v) Development of dictionaries in eight tribal languages and Development of Teacher handbooks and oriented teachers on the implementation of multilingual education.
  13. Coordinated with Tribal Education Department for planning and implantation of basic literacy and numeracy programmes in all the schools under tribal welfare department.
  14. Collaboration with some of the international funding agencies and active NGO’s for improving the quality of elementary education in the state such as UNICEF, Save the Children, Room to Read, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Ajim Premji Foundation, MV Foundation

Participation in the programs at International Level

  1. Three-month attachment program with the Institute of Education University of London during 1991. Refresher Program on Research and Evaluation in Elementary Education. Courses at University of London, Institute of Education and Sussex University (Brighton, U.K.) this program is in collaboration with British Council.
  2. A Two-week workshop on Material Development on Implementation of Multilingual Education at Bangkok, Thailand during August 2008 in collaboration with UNICEF India.
  3. A one-month refresher course in North American Universities on program evaluation during May, 2010. Attended a 5 day International Seminar on Program Evaluation at Victoria during the first week of May, 2011 followed by one-week orientation and field visits at the University of Ottawa, University of Western Michigan USA and the University of California at Las Angels, USA. This program is a part of the evaluation of children learning acceleration program being taken up in Andhra Pradesh.

Member of Joint Review Mission (JRM) Team Constituted by MHRD, Govt. of India

  • Member of JRM Team to the State of Karnataka during March, 2014 vide letter from Dr. Amarjeet Singh, Addl. Secretary, MHRD (EE), Dated: 27.01.2014.
  • Member of JRM Team to the State of Maharashtra during March, 2014 vide letter from Dr. Amarjeet Singh, Addl. Secretary, MHRD (EE), Dated: 03.02.2014.
  • Member of JRM Team to the State of Uttarakhand during December, 2013 vide letter from Dr. Amarjeet Singh, Addl. Secretary, MHRD (EE), Dated: 15.11.2013.


  • Best Teacher Award from the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh on 5th September, 2003 in the appreciation of services as State Level Resource Person from SCERT.
  • “Certificate of Appreciation” from Dept. of School Education for the best services as State Coordinator, D.Ed. (Distance Education), Hyderabad.
  • “Certificate of Appreciation” from the Director, ILI, the University of Pennsylvania for the implementation of “Bridges to the Future Initiative (BFI-AP)” Project for out of school children in the State of Andhra Pradesh, 2005.