Profile of Mathen ‘Rajeev’ Mathew

Profile of Mathen ‘Rajeev’ Mathew

(Knowledge Partner – CIPS)

Mathen ‘Rajeev’ Mathew, Knowledge Partner at CIPS is a wildlife consultant with skill sets tuned to deal with human-animal conflicts. He started his career as a field biologist with the Bombay Natural History Society in the year 1985 and had worked on birds of prey; Eagles of the genus Aquila.

Mr. Mathew carried out Water Fowl census for the Asian Waterfowl Bureau spanning over two decades. He has an intimate knowledge of the avian fauna and the pattern of their migration, drew up locations with possible dates for the best sightings of birds. He has been a guide to several bird watching groups (National & International) and has travelled across the country to study the migration patterns.

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Wildlife study has been Mathew’s forte, especially with large cats. He is an expert in locating, reading and understanding tracks and signs of wild animals, especially that of Tigers and Leopards. Mathew has been a part of the several teams formed by the A.P. Forest Department for taking the census of Tiger and large herbivores like the Gaur or Indian Bison since 1982.

He has assisted in resolving man-animal conflicts, especially carnivores like leopards and tigers in the landscapes of Central India in Maharashtra. He has also assisted in resolving issues with herbivores such as wild boar and neelgai.

He has participated in the CoP11 of the UN CBD held at Hyderabad from 1stof October to the 19th of October 2012. He held three side events and participated in many of the debates and sessions that were held.

Nature Quest 2006 to 2011 – Orient Blackswan (then Orient Longman) organized “Nature Quest” from 2006 to 2011 at Vidhyaranya School, Green Gates, Hyderabad. He partnered with them, wherein eminent scientists and wildlife experts were invited and they delivered lectures and presentations to the general public on wildlife and the environment. Experts invited included Dr Ravi Challem of ATREE; Mr Shekar Dattatri, Internationally Acclaimed Film Maker; Dr Asad Rahmani, Director, BNHS; Mr Romulus Whitaker, King Cobra Research Foundation, Agumbe; Dr Ashish Kothari, Kalpavriksh; and many others.

He has bred and made dogs champions under the Kennel Club of India. Breeds such as the Dalmatian, Whippet and Rough Collie were bred and shown.

He also participated in the International Conference on Natural History of Indian Biodiversity, hosted by the National Museum of Natural History, New Delhi; the topic being Biodiversity of Andhra Pradesh with special reference to Endemic, Sporadic and Restricted range species.

  • He currently liaisons with the Forest Department of Maharashtra and LaCONES for resolving wildlife crimes, especially those against big cats.
  • He was an Expert Member of the A.P. State Biodiversity Board (2008 – 2014).
  • He is now an Expert Member of the Telangana State Biodiversity Board (2014).
  • He was an Expert Member of the National Biodiversity Authority on Red Sanders.
  • He is a member of the CBD Alliance (United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity).
  • He is a licensed gun holder and has expertise in handling various rifles, guns, pistols and revolvers.

He is also the member of many international and national organizations:

  • Biodiversity Media Alliance – of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
  • Life Member Ethological Society of India from 2015
  • PANTHERA – Dedicated to Big Cats Conservation globally
  • Global Youth Biodiversity Network
  • The International Eco-Tourism Society – TIES (a UN body)
  • President of BioWILD (Biodiversity and Wildlife Integration for Livelihood Development) Foundation
  • Life Member of the Birdwatchers’ Society of A.P.
  • Founder Member of the Hyderabad Canine Club
  • Hon. Treasurer of the Rowing Federation of India (1999 – 2001)
  • Life Member of the National Rifle Association of India

He has a thorough understanding of the outdoors and a natural ability to interpret the intricacies of the natural world and is able to build and promote the cause for the environment through verbal and written communications.

He has an in-depth understanding about weapon systems – small arms and he is developing an important component for the Tactical Simulator which can be used in live weapons using its mechanisms that are not altered in any manner, but at the same time will prevent the use of live ammunition being fired.

Mr Mathen ‘Rajeev’ Mathew has been (22nd May 2012) conferred with the Title of “Jeeva Vyvidhya Rakshak” (Biodiversity Conserver) by the A.P. State Biodiversity Board. He was awarded certificates by the A.P. State Biodiversity Board for Exceptional Services 2008 and Government of Andhra Pradesh for services rendered during CoP11 held in October 2012 at Hyderabad.

While he was an expert member of the A.P. State Biodiversity Board, he brought to notice many issues that needed immediate attention. The list of items he brought to notice is as under:

  • The Invasive Alien Species – Red-bellied Pacu or locally the Roopchand.
  • Publication of several technical reports relating to the biodiversity of the state of A.P. (Pre-2014) for the then A.P. State Biodiversity Board.