Sl. No Topic Date Outcome
1. Attended Reorientation and Capacity Building Program for District HoDs in the context of Telangana 18th April, 2017 Innovative Practices towards modernizing Telangana have been showcased. Planning to have an MoU with CGG in documenting the best practices within various districts of Telangana.
2. Attended Reorientation and Capacity Building Program for District HoDs in the context of Telangana 20th April, 2017
3. Presentation of the Report on Establishment of Model schools in Tribal Areas of AP

(Meeting was attended by officials of Tribal Welfare Departments, AP, MP, TS and representative of KISS, Bhubaneswar)

2nd May, 2017
  1. Report has been submitted to the Tribal Welfare Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana State and other stakeholders
  2. Professors had advised to hold the National Conference at University of Hyderabad. They have also agreed to identify resource persons to be invited for the upcoming national conference
4. Interactive sessions with Dr. Kalluri Bhanumathi, Director, Dhaatri NGO, Hyderabad and Mr. Viswanath and Ms. Ranjani, Karadipath 5th May, 2017
  1. Dhaatri NGO and CIPS will closely work on tribal issues by entering into an MoU
  2. CIPS will do an impact assessment study of Karadipath in Social Welfare Schools of Telangana State
5. Meeting with Professors of Department of Anthropology to identify resources persons to be invited for the national workshop 17th May, 2017 The staff is advised to send the invitation and concept note for the upcoming national conference to the identified resources persons.
6. Meeting with Regional Incharge for the E-Patashala to prepare MOOCs for the Tribal Welfare Project 5th June, 2017 The Professors advised to prepare chapters for the MOOCs intended to be prepared and identify the best method for preparation of MOOCs.
7. Meeting with the Vice Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad 14th July, 2017 Discussions happened to finalize the MoU and also identify possible activities for collaboration.
8. Reorientation & Capacity Building Program for District Officers of Adilabad, Nirmal, Kumram Bheem Asifabad, Mancherial districts at Dr. MCRHRD Institute 19th July, 2017 Presented the concerns of the scheduled tribes of Telangana and also addressed the district officials on the need for nurturing innovations at the grassroot level.
9. Review Meeting with the Director General, ASCI on finalizing the Budgeting format of CIPS held at ASCI, Bella Vista 28th July, 2017 DG, ASCI had suggested modifications in the budgetary format and action plan of CIPS so that it can be structured properly for placing before the members of the Steering Committee in the next Steering Committee meeting.
10. Meeting with ex-MLAs and ex-MPs, Civil Servants (Retd.), other participants of the team, visiting NIRD, at CIPS 4th August, 2017 While appreciating the good work done by CIPS, the visiting team emphasized on the need for sustainable and urgent networking and various suggestions have been made accordingly.
11. Meeting with the District Collector, Suryapet on establishing Cancer Care Centre in the District Hospital 9th August, 2017 Through discussions with the Collector and the Medical Officers, suggestions were made in the already existing proposal submitted by Dr. Reddy (NRI). The same has been forwarded to him and reply is awaited.
12. Consultation with the representatives of KISS, TWD, GoAP and PO, ITDA, Seethampetaa at CIPS 11th August, 2017 The Tribal Welfare Dept., Govt. of A.P in consultation with CIPS is working on a draft Government Order to facilitate the replication of KISS model in the State,
13. National Seminar on Tree Transplantation held at Vijayawada 19th August, 2017 Ideas and suggestions sought for designing innovative solutions for achieving economic development without damaging the biodiversity. It also intended to generate awareness and importance of promoting and preserving biodiversity and throw light on how trees and plants can be protected and restored.
14. Meeting with Empaneled Knowledge Partners – “Comprehensive Policy for Greening and Beautification of Non-Forest Lands for the State of Andhra Pradesh” held at Panjim, Goa. 21st – 23rd August, 2017 Discussions were held with the empaneled experts /knowledge partners in drafting the policy. First draft has been finalized.
15 Meeting towards preparation of Comprehensive Policy for Greening and Beautification of Non-Forest Lands for the State of Andhra Pradesh held at Board Room, CIPS, Hyderabad. 31st August, 2017 Policy directions have been framed and modalities have been discussed to undertake research activities, generate publicity & awareness, develop legal and financial framework etc. for designing the draft of the policy.
16 Meeting with UNDP Officials regarding the Technical and Financial Proposal of BIOFIN Project. 31st August, 2017 Following documents have been shared as a part of the Proposal Submission:

  1. Draft Terms of Reference
  2. Proposal Outline Sample have been shared.

Intense discussion has been carried out on the project deliverables and timelines.

17 Meeting towards preparation of Comprehensive Policy for Greening and Beautification of Non-Forest Lands for the State of Andhra Pradesh at APUG&BC Head Office, Vijayawada. 8th September, 2017 Discussions were held with the representatives of APUG&BC in finalizing the first draft of the policy prepared by empaneled knowledge partners of CIPS.
18 Meeting with jury members of CIPS Annual Award Scheme 2017-18 8th September, 2017 Discussion were held regarding the modalities of the nomination criteria.
19 Meeting with UNDP Officials at Delhi – Biodiversity Finance (BIOFIN) Project. 15th September, 2017 Discussions were held with the representatives of UNDP in finalizing the Technical – cum – Financial Proposal on BIOFIN Project.
20 Meeting with officials concerned with urban forestry work in Delhi – Comprehensive Policy for Greening and Beautification of Non-Forest Lands for the State of Andhra Pradesh. 16th September, 2017 Discussions were held on innovative urban forestry practices in Delhi towards framing the Greening policy.
21 Meeting with the representatives of High Court of Delhi – Vulnerable Witness Assistance Programme, High Court of Delhi. 16th September, 2017 Discussions were held with the Registrar General, Joint Registrar, Law Secretary, Government of Delhi and others regarding the documentation of the Vulnerable Witness Assistance Programme.
22 Meeting with Mr. Papa Rao, Advisor, Govt. of Telangana 5th October, 2017 Proposing auxiliary services to the Hyderabad Metro Rail System.
23 The Eighth Meeting of the Project Steering Committee of GoI-UNDP – Presentation made by the CIPS team on BIOFIN Proposal at Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, New Delhi. 30th October, 2017  

The CIPS team has delivered a detailed presentation on “The BIOFIN INDIA Project Proposal”.

24 Preliminary Meeting on preparation of template for training module for heads of tribal welfare institutions 6th November, 2017 The meeting was attended by the representatives from the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana working in the education sector specially in the tribal areas. The participants of the meeting shared their experiences and presented the initiatives that has been taken in the respective States. The meeting was concluded by agreeing that from 27 November, 2017 – 01 December, 2017 Writer’s workshop shall be organized in CIPS where the headmasters and other identified resource persons will engage in developing the proposed training module.
25 CIPS Staff attended 3rd World Congress on Disaster Management, organized by Disaster Management, Initiative and Convergence Society (DMICS) at Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. 6th – 10th November, 2017 presented paper on:

  1. “We Needed Semi-Permanent Structure to Face the Monsoons; All we got were Tarpaulin Sheets”: An Anthropological Intervention in Earthquake Relief Management in Nepal;
  2. Highlighting the Invisible Crisis of Heatwaves: An Urgent Need for Policy Level Intervention; were presented under the thematic sessions:
    • geological and other disasters and
    • Disaster Relief and Reconstruction
26 Meeting with representatives of APUG&BC at Vijayawada. 10th November, 2017 Discussions were held with the representatives of APUG&BC towards finalizing the updated sixth draft of the policy.
27 Writer’ Workshop for developing ‘Training Module for the Capacity Building of the Head of the Education Institutions in Tribal Areas’ at CIPS. 27th November, 2017 CIPS, Hyderabad, as part of the assigned mandate from GoAP is preparing ‘Training Module for the Head of the Educational Institutes in Tribal Areas’. In this connection, CIPS organized Preliminary meeting with the Government officials of Tribal Welfare Department of GoAP and GoTS who are actively working in the Education sector. In the Preliminary meeting it was decided that, Writer’s Workshop should be organized from 27th November to 1st December 2017.
Director (I/C) inaugurated and welcomed the participants from both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Advisor, CIPS, explained the objective of the workshop and chaired the session to identify the tentative units for the Training Module.
28 The Brainstorming Session with the Academicians, Tribal Welfare Department Functionaries and NGOs working in the Tribal Areas to discuss and decide the template for the ‘Training module for Capacity Building of the Functionaries in Tribal Areas and Tribal Welfare Functionaries’ at University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. 27th November, 2017 CIPS, Hyderabad, has entered into an MoA with the Department of Anthropology, University of Hyderabad for undertaking one of the six projects assigned to CIPS by the Tribal Welfare Department, GoAP i.e. Preparation of ‘Training Module for the Functionaries of Tribal Areas and Tribal Welfare Functionaries’. As part of the formulation of the module and after deliberations with the Dept. of Anthropology, University of Hyderabad, a Brainstorming Session with a group consisting of academicians and other functionaries was successfully organized at the University of Hyderabad on 27 November 2017. The session was organized to fine-tune the contents of the training module and for coming up with a tentative template for the same. Around 24 participants including academicians, NGO Functionaries and UoH staff attended the session. The session saw active discussion between participants and ideas were shared across the table. The contents of each unit were thoroughly discussed, including focus on terminology used and the nitty-gritty of each topic was debated. At the end of the session, the content of the module was tweaked as per suggestions of the experts and a tentative template was agreed upon.