Innovation Planning and Monitoring Unit [IPMU] of CIPS in SKIPA, Ranchi

CIPS has been advocating the need for a state level cell to look at innovations in public systems which can act as a knowledge hub to boost innovations across various layers of public system and governance.

On 23rd Aug 2013, the then Chief secretary of Government of Jharkhand initiated a series of workshops on “Innovations in Governance” in association with CIPS.

A State Innovation Consultation meet was held at Ranchi on 22nd and 23rd December, 2013. Following this, CIPS has made a number of recommendations for the state of Jharkhand for the emergence of an ecosystem for enhance service delivery. These include setting up of Vision Centres (with assistance from Aravind Eye Care, Madurai, Tamil Nadu), Institutionalization of IT@School of Kerala in Jharkhand etc.

Subsequently, a meeting was held with Mr. Sudhir Prasad, the then Chief Secretary & DG, ATI Jharkhand for possible setting up of a Innovation Planning and Monitoring Unit [IPMU] to identify the focus areas of the state and encourage risk-taking experiments for promoting innovations in public systems.

The IPMU has since been sanctioned by the Government of Jharkhand on 25.03.2015 and will be functioning in Sri Krishna Institute of Public Administration, Ranchi.

The major functions of the IPMU are the following:

  1. Documenting best practices,
  2. Facilitate replication of best/innovative practices across departments and across states
  3. Provide a multilateral support and communication system between government departments, corporates, NGOs and others based on the requirements of specific projects
  4. Identification of major gaps
  5. Draft proposals in consultation with the specific department for funding support from Government of India / NITI Aayog etc.

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