Field Visits in 2019
A revision to the proposal has been addressed to the Offices of Commissioner GST, Medchal and Hyderabad for installation of water conservation aerators.
Date:[30th March 2019]
Outcome:The proposals are being considered and work orders to that effect would be issued soon.
CIPS team met Ms. Sandhya Rani, Commissioner School Education, GoAP.
Date:[2nd March 2019]
Outcome:The team discussed on the proposal for the overall monitoring of Life Skills and Career Guidance Programme in all the (13) districts of AP during 2019-20. The team has also shared its monitoring visit findings from the three districts and apprised the training outcomes.
CIPS team participated in the review meeting convened by Sri Narasimha Rao, Joint Director, AP Model Schools and IT&PMU
Date:[2nd March 2019]
Outcome:The team discussed about the project progress on Implementation of Life Skills and Career Guidance and aligning it with an upcoming project “Badi Parivartana”, funded by Tata Trust.
Organized a 3-day training session on the implementation of PESA Act at ITDA, Utnoor, Adilabad.
Date:[13th February 2019] - [15th February 2019]
Outcome:CIPS in collaboration with its knowledge partners Dr. P Sivaramakrishna, SAKTI NGO and Sri. K. Subba Reddy, Jt. Director (Retd.), TWD has worked on customizing the training module for the implementation of PESA Act in Telangana.
CIPS team along with its Knowledge Partner, COIGN Consultants Private Limited, conducted monitoring visits to the districts of Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam.
Date:[11th February 2019] - [16th February 2019]
Outcome:During the visit, interactions were held with the students, HMs, Principals and DEOs of the schools and parent counselling meeting was also organised to sensitize the parents about the importance of Life Skills and Career Guidance programme. A monitoring visit report along with students’ feedback and press coverage has been prepared.
The Director, CIPS visited Yadagirigutta/Yadadri near Bhongir, Dharmapuram in Warangal District, Raghunathpally and Zaffergadh in Jangaon District
Date:[31st January 2019]
Outcome:The visit is planned to gain firsthand knowledge in respect of developing suitable strategies for climber/creeper plantations, ecotourism, agroforestry and tree translocation which would strengthen the rationale behind the policy directives mentioned in Andhra Pradesh Greening Policy – 2019.
CIPS team visited government schools in Visakhapatnam
Date:[25th January 2019] - [26th January 2019]
Outcome:Monitored the programme in government schools.
CIPS team visited ITDA Seethampeta, Srikakulam district to participate in Diksoochi (Career Guidance and Counselling Centres) launch programme, attended by the District Collector, Srikakulam and PO, ITDA, Seethampeta.
Date:[23rd January 2019] - [24th January 2019]
Outcome:The visit was aimed to monitor Life Skills and Career Guidance programme, CIPS team visited Tribal Welfare Ashram schools in Seethampeta, Srikakulam district.
CIPS team visited few government schools in the East Godavari district.
Date:[22nd January 2019]
Outcome:In order to effectively evaluate and monitor the Life Skills Programme CIPS team interacted with the trainers, headmasters, students and teachers.