Careers: Internship Opportunity at CIPS

About CIPS:

Centre for Innovations in Public Systems (CIPS) is an autonomous Centre of Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad established upon the recommendations of the 13th Finance Commission, Government of India. CIPS strives to create a climate for accelerating of diffusion of innovations in public systems through sharing of experiences across states and to facilitate the establishment of institutional, human capacities for replication of innovations through knowledge sharing, etc. Our major activities include documentation, dissemination, capacity building/ training, replication of innovations besides conducting evaluation studies, field visits, preparation of online/offline learning resources among others. For further information please refer to

Internship Opportunity at CIPS:

Students pursuing undergraduate/postgraduate degrees or are research scholars enrolled in recognized University/Institution may apply for “Internship” position at CIPS. These interns shall be given exposure to following innovative replications of CIPS and they are expected to supplement the process of analysis through empirical collection/web research and collation of in-house and other information relevant to the projects.

Ongoing Replication Projects:

Selected interns will be working with one or more below listed ongoing replication projects at CIPS.

  1. ECOSAN -Ecological Sanitation (Sustainable Environment/Rural Development)
  2. Bio- Digesters (E-Loo) (Sustainable Development)
  3. Use of Jamun Seeds in Floride-Affected Areas (Health)
  4. Use of Plastic Waste in Road Construction (Sustainable Environment/Urban/Rural Governance)
  5. Eco365 Water Conservation Nozzles. (Sustainable Development)
  6. KITE – Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education(IT@School). (Education)
  7. District Cancer Detection Center for detection of cancer in rural/urban areas (Health)
  8. AECS Establishment of Vision Centers – Aravind Eye Care System (Health)
  9. KISS – Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences Best Model School (Education)
  10. ZIIEI – Zero-investment Innovations For Education Initiatives (Education)
  11. Career Guidance and counselling center programme (Skill Development/Education)

The projects mentioned above are by no means an exhaustive list and CIPS would encourage interns to come up with such innovative ideas for replication best practices in public systems.

Objectives of Internship:

How to apply:

The interested candidates are expected to send a cover letter along with CV to the email ID

The cover letter should contain the following:

Other Benefits of the internship:

Important things to note: