About CIPS

          Centre for Innovations in Public Systems was set up in 2010 with funding from Govt. of India at Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad in terms of the recommendations of the 13th Finance Commission.

The mandate of this Centre is to actively promote and disseminate among States those practices which have enhanced service delivery, increased efficiency and ensured cost reduction.

The Advisory Council, comprising of all the Chief Secretaries of State Governments/UTs apart from Central Government Representatives and Independent Experts, monitor the implementation of CIPS work programme.

The Steering Committee, headed by Director General, ASCI provides the forum for giving shape and driving the work programme of the Centre.

CIPS has identified and prepared a database of 474 innovative practices (136 practices in the Education sector, 100 practices in the Health sector, 133 practices in the e-Governance sector and 105 practices in Urban Governance).

CIPS has also published 22 detailed process documents for the purpose of replication.

CIPS has so far conducted 163 programmes at 51 different locations in 27 States/Union Territories

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