What is Innovation?
May 1, 2017 Blog CIPS

What is Innovation?
As per the Oxford Dictionary Innovation means “The action or process of innovating (or) A new method, idea, product, etc”.
What is innovation in Public Systems
Innovation is the introduction of new and improved ways of doing things. An intentional introduction and application of ideas, processes, products, technology, services or procedures that have resulted in one or more of the following outcomes.

  1. Improved service delivery
  2. Reduced Cost
  3. Improved quality, transparency and accountability in public systems impacting the well-being of large number of common people.


  1. Find the existing gaps
  2. Have an idea that will address the existing problems efficiently
  3. Discuss with representatives of all stakeholders involved in it and design methodology for execution
  4. Baseline survey
  5. Implement it in a small area/unit and address the challenges during implementation
  6. Scale it up to larger area/units
  7. Document the process of implementation

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