A High-Level Delegation of Tribal Welfare, Social Welfare Departments of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and representatives from CIPS have visited the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), Bhubaneswar, Odisha. This is to discuss the proposal of establishing model schools for ST students in Andhra Pradesh on a PPP basis in collaboration with KISS (30th April, 2018)
CIPS team with the representatives of APUG&BC and other stakeholders during the One day workshop on draft “Andhra Pradesh Urban Greening Policy – 2018” held at Vijayawada on 30th April 2018.
19th Steering Committee of CIPS convened on 26th April, 2018. Chairman CoG, ASCI graced the meeting. DG, ASCI; Head of Steering Committee chaired the meeting. Ambassador S. Narayan, Shri. V Bhaskar, Dr. Anjali Hazarika attended the meeting and reviewed the work of CIPS and advised the future course of action to CIPS.
National Conference on Strengthening the Processes for Identification & Replication of Innovations in Public Systems held at The Plaza Hotel, Begumpet, Hyderabad on 23rd April, 2018
A team headed by Advisor, CIPS presiding over the “Mid-Career Training Program for the Senior State Civil Service Officers of Madhya Pradesh” at RCVP Noronha Academy of Administration and Management, Bhopal on 13th April, 2018
CIPS Staff as a part of replication of usage of plastic in the road construction met Prof. Rajagopalan Vasudevan, Dean, School of Chemistry, Thiagarajar University of Engineering, Madurai, Tamil Nadu (12-13th of April 2018).
CIPS Staff as a part of replication of ECOSAN toilets effort met Mr. Subburaman, Director, SCOPE (NGO), who is working extensively on bringing revolution in the usage of ECOSAN toilets. Mr. Subburaman explained how the ECOSAN toilets work, and his sustainable office/residence space. He also assured his participation in proposed replication efforts in the near future by CIPS team - 11th April, 2018.
CIPS convened a meeting with the representative of Sri Aurobindo Society and officials from the Department of Education, Telangana Social Welfare Residencial Educational Institutions Societies(TSWREIS), Government of Telangana to explore the possibility of replicating the Zero Investment based Innovations for Education Initiatives(ZIIEI) on 03rd April 2018
Mr. Mayank Agarwal, apprising the Director, CIPS and Advisor, CIPS on the Zero Investment based Innovations for Education Initiatives(ZIIEI) of the Sri Aurobindo Society on 03rd April 2018
Video Conference being organized by CIPS on “Establishment of Vision Centres – An Approach for Universal Eye Care” - 27th March, 2018
"Director, CIPS, releasing the Section I: "General Themes" in the "Source Book for Tribal Welfare Officers and Officer in Tribal Areas". Advisor, CIPS, Prof. BV Sharma and Prof. N Sudhakar Rao from Department of Anthropology, UoH are present for the book release on 19th March, 2018.
CIPS team's interaction with Mr. Gowri Shankar Minz, IAS, Commissioner, Tribal Welfare, Govt. of Jharkhand. During the discussion the team handed him over the letter of Director, CIPS recommending to replicate the KISS model school and Career Guidance Program on 14th March, 2018
CIPS team met Mr. Zulfikar Alli, Jt. Director and Mr. Anil Kumar, Jt. Director of Shri Krishna Institute of Public Administration, Ranchi, Jharkhand. Discussion were held on reviving the Innovation Promotion and Monitoring Unit (IPMU) and entering in to an MoU on 14th March, 2018
Brainstorming Session being organized by CIPS (February 5-9, 2018) to finalize the drafted units of School Health aspects of the Training Module of the Head of the Educational Institutes in Tribal Areas. V. Ch. Veerabhadrudu, Advisor, CIPS, and Prof. K. Sujatha, Former Head, Dept. of Educational Administration, NIEPA, New Delhi are interacting with the Experts of School Health from Government of Andhra Pradesh.
Sri C. Achalender Reddy,IFS; Director (I/C), CIPS giving inaugural address at IIT, Hyderabad during the conference on Examining the ‘New’ in Kinship and Family in South Asia on 1st February 2018.
CIPS Research Team's visit to ITDA Rampa Chodavaram for preparation of training module for Grama Sabha members on the implementation of PESA Act from 22-25 January 2018
Brainstorming Session to finalize the drafted units of ‘Academic Aspects’ of the ‘Training Module for the Head of the Educational Institutes in Tribal Areas’ with the Team of officers from Commissionerate and Directorate of School Education, GoTS, at CIPS office from January 29-31, 2018.
Experts in the area of School Health participating in the Brainstorming Session organized by CIPS (18-19 January 2018) to finalize the drafted units of Training Module for the Head of the Educational Institutes in Tribal Areas.
Director, CIPS, distributing certificate of appreciation to the interns engaged for carrying out fieldwork in the ITDAs of Andhra Pradesh. As a part of the internship, they conducted a Training Needs Assessment study for the implementation of PESA by visiting nearly 200 Tribal Villages in Andhra Pradesh.
CIPS Annual Awards meeting with Jury members, Dr. K. Sujatha Rao; IAS(Retd), Dr. Arun K singh and C. Achalender Reddy; IFS; member convener held on 16th January, 2018
Research team interacting with the students at a school in ITDA, Seethampeta as part of the Pre-launch visit for establishing Career Guidance and Counselling Centres from 1st - 4th January, 2018
Meeting was convened with Dr. Haripriya Narasimhan and Dr. Anindita Majumdar, faculty from Department of Liberal Arts, IIT-Hyderabad, to discuss the possibility of collaborating and entering into MoU with Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad.
A Brain Storming session was organized to finalize the Training Module for Implementation of PESA Act and the illustrations to be incorporated. Prof. Annamalai,Retd. Faculty of NIRD, Dr. Shivaramakrishna & Ms. P. Sarada Devi of Shakthi NGO, Ms. Manisha (Illustrator) and CIPS Staff have participated in the Brain Storming Session on 8th January, 2017.
Dr. Shunsaku Komatsuzaki, Assistant Professor at University of Tokyo, Japan, visited CIPS office and interacted with Director and Advisor, CIPS. Director, Mr. C. Achalender Reddy IFS, has explained the vision, mission and functioning of CIPS and introduced the staff members to Dr. Shunsaku.
CIPS has entered in to MoU with Tribal Welfare Department, Andhra Pradesh and taken up six (6) projects. One of the project is to prepare a training manual for the functionaries of Gramasabha in the Scheduled Areas. In order to formulate the module a team of experts from CIPS are visiting the areas of Andhra Pradesh of Tribal areas and taken the photos of their interaction.
Mr. Ch. NV Ashish, Project Research Associate, at the 2017 Global Development Learning Network Face to Face Training program on ‘e-governance in Korea’ at Seoul.
Meeting with collector suryapet regarding Establishment of Cancer Detection Centre in the District on 11.12.2017
CIPS in collaboration with University of Hyderabad organising an Orientation Workshop for the identified resource persons to contribute for the preparation of Training Module for the Tribal Functionaries and Functionaries in Tribal Areas at University of Hyderabad on 4th December, 2017
Brainstorming session for preparation of training module for functionaries in Tribal areas, at the University of Hyderabad on 27th November, 2017.
Writer 'Workshop for developing Training Module for the Capacity Building of the Head of the Education Institutions in Tribal Areas' at CIPS office from 27th November to 1st December, 2017

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